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After 26 years in the job, Sonja Cox has seen it all!

Sonja is one of Homeseeker's longest-serving members of staff having enjoyed 26 years with us during which time she has worked through the Shepherd Group take-over, experienced an office move and two company name changes.

Sonja joined Homeseeker on 21st April 1986. That was the year Margaret Thatcher opened the M25 motorway, the Channel Tunnel was given the go-ahead and Argentina beat Germany in the world cup in Mexico.

Faced with three job offers at the time, Sonja did the sensible thing and chose Homeseeker. She joined as our Accounts Supervisor under the then Financial Director, Peter Colby, and has maintained that role steadfastly and reliably ever since. During that time, she has kept our books, balanced and organised our payrolls.

"I am glad I made the decision to join Homeseeker" Sonja said. "Everyone was so friendly - it was like one big happy family. Coming to work every day was like going on holiday!"

All the time at Homeseeker, Sonja has been raising a family, her children are now grown up and have children of their own. At the same time as celebrating her 26th year with the company, Sonja is also celebrating her 40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary on the 3rd of April 2012 with a two-week cruise down the River Elbe.

Sonja added: "It's the first time in all my 26 years at Homeseeker that I will be missing a month end when all the Sales, Purchasing and Nominal ledgers need to be closed to take them into the following month, and it feels very strange not being present for that period."

For all the changes she has seen at Homeseeker, Sonja admits she is proud of the direction the company is moving and maintains a positive outlook for our continued success.

"I have seen many people come and go and I have made some life-long friends at Homeseeker," Sonja concludes.

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