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Meet our world-class factory

Our massive factory space is staffed by over 60 skilled technicians on two production lines The engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters on each line are capable of handling eight Homeseeker models at a time. 

Factory Team

We not only have four massive overhead cranes that lift the chassis, walls and roof into place but also a formidable 7.5 bar compressor. This powerful machine drives all the hand and bench tools throughout the factory, such as the nail and staple guns, the jig saws as well as our computerised and manual panel saws.

Factory Team

Once your Homeseeker model is scheduled into the works, all of our experienced Homeseeker artisans and tradesmen work in teams to complete each stage of an eight-stage assembly process. This phased process aims to complete your dream park home or lodge within 12 weeks from your initial order.

First of all, the walls and roof, along with all the kitchen and bedroom furniture, are assembled outside of the factory. Once the chassis of your new Homeseeker has been built to your specifications and is in place at the start of the production line, a team of plumbers and electricians take over. They run the electrics and the plumbing through the flooring in preparation for the pre-assembled walls being put in place and the electric wiring installed within them.

Another team steps in to put the bathroom furniture and internal walls in place before one of the giant rolling girder cranes moves in to ‘drop’ the roof on top.

Your Homeseeker model progresses on through teach stage, such as the wallpapering, painting and tiling, right through to the final stage at the end of the factory. This is where the double-glazed windows are installed, the underlay and carpets are fitted, electric plugs and sockets are mounted, the curtains hung and the furniture put in place.

All that remains between you and a lifetime of relaxation and comfort is a thorough clean and rigorous inspection before your cherished Homeseeker is delivered to your chosen park.


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