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Factory Page

David Pollington  

David Pollington - Operations Director

David Pollington is the man who ensures all the design and build operations for your park home or leisure lodge run smoothly. With many years gaining experience in every aspect of the manufacturing process, David is committed to optimising innovation and efficiency in our production processes. He ensures your lodge or park home is manufactured with the best materials, in the shortest possible time-span and to the most competitive price.

David works closely with all of the other departments, such as Technical, Production and Sales, to co-ordinate efforts and streamline factory throughput.

Living outside Milton Keynes with his wife and two small boys, David’s spends most of his spare time ensuring the smooth running of his family as well as his local scout group. Apart from his scout leader duties, this mainly involves driving his boys between various clubs and activities, including rugby, football and karate.

Darren Bowman  

Darren Bowman - Production Manager

Another seasoned veteran of the construction business, Production Manager Darren Bowman has been working at Homeseeker in a variety of roles for 15 years. Early on, he gained valuable experience in practically every role on the factory floor before working his way up, via team supervisor, to his present role. There is nothing Darren doesn't know about the construction and fitting out of your Homeseeker home or lodge.

Managing a team of 8 team leaders and 55 factory floor staff, it's Darren's job to keep an eye on the day-to-day running of the factory. He makes sure your Homeseeker model passes along our production line without a hitch to be fitted out and decorated exactly as you specified - then delivered on time.
Married with one teenage son, Darren spends weekends and occasional holidays in France keeping his eye on the ball playing golf

Ricky Higgins  

Ricky Higgins - Production Supervisor

Once your park home or leisure lodge has been scheduled for building, our Production Supervisor Ricky Higgins receives the information from Production Manager Darren Bowman and oversees every stage of its construction.

Ricky has been working on the factory floor in a variety of roles for over 10 years. This has given him the experience and knowledge to supervise the teams of electricians, plumbers and builders and ensure they each make their contribution to the construction of your Homeseeker at the right stages in the build process. Ricky works closely with John Carter on the supply of the relevant materials from store at each stage and with Lee Pearce on any aspects of design that need highlighting.
Married with two young children, Ricky's appreciation and respect for teamwork shows in his love of rugby. He supports his local team, Northampton Saints, as often as his busy family life allows.

John Carter  

John Carter - Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager

Your Homeseeker home or lodge is built with a thousand and one parts including the chassis, floor and wall panels that match the size you order, as well as the cabinets, wallpaper, soft furnishings and kitchen equipment you have specified.

The supply of every last detail of your Homeseeker, right down to the screws that attach the door handles, is the responsibility our Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager, John Carter. John works closely with our Production Manager, Darren Bowman, to make sure all these parts are ordered and in stock, ready to be delivered to the production line at the right stage of the build process.

John's exacting purchasing process helps ensure your Homeseeker is built on spec and on time.
Married with two young boy, John also regularly purchases tickets to Manchester United games where he spends many enjoyable weekends shouting encouragement at the Red Devils.

Karen Brudnell  

Karin Brudenall - Purchasing Assistant

Because the purchasing process involves thousands of parts that go into making your Homeseeker home, our Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager, John Carter, is supported by Purchasing Assistant, Karin Brudenall. It is Karen's job to see that the supply requisitions are fulfilled and that the stores are stocked with the correct levels of material.

Karin works closely with dozens of our suppliers to ensure the regular and reliable flow of materials into the factory. Karin also works with our After Sales department when Niki Millard requests replacements for any faulty materials that may be reported by customers.






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